It’s finally here! Celebrate Earth Day, April 22 2016. Advertisements

The Grandest Spring Break

Hello World! What a great spring break! HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY NATIONAL PARK SERVICE! This past week I packed up a bag and got in my car, Jerry, with the amazing Mr. Saltzman. We headed off… Continue reading

Change Is The Only Constant

We’ve watched The Story of Stuff (La Historia de Las Cosas) and we’ve heard about what we’re doing WRONG, but let me apologize on behalf of all the nay-sayers. It’s not all doom and… Continue reading

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Key And Peele: Climate Change

Obama has a new translator. “If you haven’t noticed, California is bone dry…”

Edible Spoons? Yum

This company makes ‘edible utensils’ to limit plastic waste. How sustainable!


I’m in! CU Boulder here I come, woohoo! I accepted admission, which means I confirmed my intent to enroll! Moving in August! Environmental Studies Major, YEAH

You Are Just A Grain of Sand

This is a video I put together during a field trip to the Pico Storm Drain for my Environmental Ethics Class. It’s a rare occasion now that humans put on their eco lenses… Continue reading

Your Trash Could Be Your Next Treasure

The Wonders of Composting Third World Countries are finding the healthiest, most effective and sustainable ways to harvest their food and maintain their waste. We can too.

I Lava You

A long, long time ago there was a volcano living all alone in the middle of the sea. He sat high above his bay Watching all the couples play And wishing that he… Continue reading